Lebowski Fest was indeed fun. I went to the Friday night concert (They Might Be Giants) and enjoyed it. I also stood out in the heat and humidity for 3 hours at the Saturday Garden Party manning the "Marmot Fling" game. I was introduced to Lucky Pineapple, which was a fun local band.

On an entirely different subject, my mouse "friend" is back. I believed I had heard him several times several months back, but didn't find any exacting proof. This time I've watched him the past couple of nights. He's pretty big, and as far as I can tell he doesn't exactly live in my room, he simply uses it as a favorite shortcut... He runs in from the closet (which is connected to the next room as well as the hallway) and into this particular hole in the wall. As far as I can tell, though, the hole is a mere passageway for him, as there aren't any obvious signs of a nest (and I obviously can't make out his body). However, I can't see too far into it. I'm guessing, though, that the nest is somewhere under the floor, actually.

I checked this morning, but the house supply of mouse traps has diminished to the vanishing point, and so I'm going to have to requisition one. Until then I'm just going to keep more of an eye on my food. However, most of my food is in a cabinet, and I believe it is my neighbor that is providing the major source of this stupid mouse's food (hence the running across my room, from the direction of his).