I got this made up refrain stuck in my head the other day in the shower and decided to write a couple verses around it. The rhyming works pretty well, but the rhythm is a bit odd. I can sing a crappy version of it, which is all that counts, I guess.

The Bingo Hall Murders

She was jealous and she was outraged
She hadn't won a dime
She was tired of hearing, "Maybe next time?"
That night's big fat winner
Was the late Mrs. Jane
Who had a broken hip and walked with a cane
Her jealousy grew and set fire to Her
And with that her thoughts turned to Murder
They found the body late the next day
Poor Mrs. Jane beaten by her cane

Beware, Old Lady,
The next time you go,
When someone shouts out "Bingo!"
Warning!  Lookout!
For of that person, 
it might be the last thing you know

The police had too many suspects
For their old Ms. Doe
They needed more leads to hunt this foe
The case was left open
They had not a clue
Even after the finding of crazy Mrs. Rue
They found her in their own parking lot
Lying in a pile of her own bingo spots
The police warned all the Halls
They said to take care,
For this was neither a hoax nor a scare


They say She went across the country
From Hall to Hall
Sweeping her gaze from Wall to Wall
The winner those nights
Was not a winner for long
That's why I'm singing this awful song
So that the next game of Bingo
You just might know
That the person beside you
Just might be Her
So be prepared and be aware...