We've been getting a lot of rain these past few weeks. With 90+ degree (Fahrenheit) weather and a normal river valley tendency towards humidity, walking around the city has felt like living in a sauna. For not being much of a dehumidifier, my wall unit has coped quite well, but as soon as I step out of my room you can feel the city breathing down your neck. It has meant a couple miserable migraines recently, and between them and my wish to do a bit more reading, I've realize that I'm not being all that productive.

Anyway, this weekend should be fun (and appropriate)... The Lebowski Fest Opening Ceremonies are tonight, and I figure I'm going to go. I don't have a ticket, but according to the website they'll have some at the gate, and even if I miss out and there aren't any left tonight's stuff is at the beautiful Waterfront Park, which is cool to just visit anyway.

On the other hand, I do have a ticket for tomorrow's Garden Party, because I'll be volunteering at some booth with some Brothers of mine. I don't think they'll let us in to bowl, though, but I don't know yet who we are actually volunteering for or what sort of tickets we'll be given. The safe bet is that they'll only let us into the Garden Party, and I'll just have to get my bowling urge out somewhere/someday else.