Cracked open the latest Harry Potter book like millions of other people, and one thing I've noticed (and it is bugging me) is that about every couple pages or so I've been drawn out of the book by an egregious editing mistake. The first is about page 10 with the word "sight" being mispelled "site" and really messing with the grammar of that particular sentence. The most recent that hit me was the word "buffer" that didn't make any sense in the sentence, but which I assumed should have been "duffer". That one I guess could be an american editor unfamiliar with a word used more often in british speech. There were several inbetween. It just bugs me that a good editor should have caught all of this, as most of them break the meaning of the sentences that contain them. I guess the editor(s) were just rushing through the book in order to get it out the door for the publishing deadline.