Let me anti-rant the last rant. Spats happen, but the real test is in getting past them. Every familial relationship can be like that, and that is why we use the word "fraternal", because there's little difference sometimes in the way things can get out of hand between me and my familial brother and me an my fraternal Brothers.

I was a bit harsher than I needed to be, and all I can do is apologize. I have a short fuse, and its a huge problem. On the other hand, I don't hold grudges and I easily forgive. Usually as soon as I commit something like that to paper I forget it. I can only hope that others are as forgiving of my short fuse. This particular time, I let things snowball beyond the point of easy return, and that's my problem in how I reacted. I can only try to do better.

I was also told that a particularly harsh exageration/hyperbole had been left in the post I left, which I had mistakenly thought I had already removed. All I can do is apologize. I don't remove posts, but I will reedit them, and I've done that tonight. Apparently I pissed off a lot more people than I intended to. My intent is never to piss people off, and I hope people can accept that. If I piss you off, come talk to me or email me. (...and yes I realize that I myself am human and sometimes fail to take that advice.) Realize that I'm an open book; I won't lie, and I'll answer anything I am asked. In this particular instance I had used a nasty stereotype (dirty), when that wasn't were my real anger was and that misconveyed my actual emotions or thoughts about the people (none of whom actually are the stereotype to which I refered). The focus was on the wrong thing, and again, all I can do is apologize.

I had the talk I needed to have, several times over, and I'll have it again tomorrow.