I will admit that the thing that embarasses me the most about the recent blog migration was that I was confronted with a lot of ugly mojibake scattered across the years of the blog. It’s particularly embarassing because I know that it really is entirely my fault. My “Production” DB for the blog accidentally got set to “LATIN1” instead of “UTF-8” encoding and I was too afraid to migrate the system after it had been in use for a few years when I discovered that mistake. (In PostgreSQL the migration is a full dump, delete, and recreate from the dump. Not a frictionless process for a personal blog.)

Ultimately it’s a part of why I decided it was time to migrate the blog. I love having the blog in source control now, which makes things a bit more frictionless to do big projects and fixups if needed. (If you feel like wandering through the commit history I did some big rebuilds knowing I could have undone them if they did something surprising.) If someone feels nearly as strong about the mojibake as I do they could pull request the changes themselves if they felt like it. I certainly don’t expect anyone to actually do that, but it’s an interesting option now.