Seems I fell into a blogging black hole for a few months. Mostly I’ve been busy or I’ve mostly tweeted instead. So let’s catch up on some recent events.

Small Projects Completed

StingerCheck is a small web application I delivered to my friend Jordan Wages as something of a wedding present. It’s designed to answer the simple question: Does this movie have a stinger at the end of its credits? If you listened to our (currently retired; RIP) podcast you may have heard on it that Jordan hates sitting through credits he doesn’t have to, and I tend to sit through credits on principle, so this is an app to kind of record that information.

Macro Transaction Force Go! is a small “game” I completed for Ruin Jam 2014. It’s a satire of a bunch of things, in a vaguely CYOA format.

BattcherIntel was a small spy-themed game tracker I used to try to run a year-long quest game in with family. Release was rushed by a Holiday deadline and it ended up with a few bugs at release. Reactions were interesting. It was an interesting experiment.

Recent Events

JoCoCruise 5 was amazing and I tried to capture some of my experiences of JoCoCruise 5, particularly because I came home from the vacation to find out that I had been let go from my previous employer (it wasn’t personal, just business; reduce headcount for shareholder mirth). I’m now in surprise job hunt, which is a little stressful and wild. Working to figure out what the next places my career will go might be.

Blog Migration

I decided to “simplify” my website’s footprint. For the last several years I’ve used a custom django blog, which while it afforded some custom things and a sandbox to play with some toys, it was getting sadly stale and irritating to work with without updating a bunch of things and cleaning up a bunch of other things. Rather than update the custom blog application, I felt like it was time to closer match my blog to my methodology of writing my blog (mostly done in vim) and get some source control of my posts. Due to increasing ubiquity (thanks to free hosting from the hub of gits), Jekyll was the obvious choice for new blog platform.

I’m mostly excited with the move. I wanted to stick to a mostly plugin-free blog, so I don’t have all the archive pages I would have preferred to have. That said, I did manage to migrate ALL of the links that matter and a bunch that don’t really matter (I migrated a bunch of redirects that date back to the migration to the custom blog, way back from the last time my blog was on drupal, shudder.)