Sunday was somewhat quiet and contemplative, but also perhaps closest to my previous PAX visits, I went to demo and ended up playing a round in the tournament and didn't demo but did talk about the project some and picked up a bit more positive feedback and some tournament-derived rule changes that I was unaware of, several of which affect my game.

I took a long lunch and watched the first half of the UofL/UK game. Then I decided to finally spend some time wandering the exhibition hall. I had a few good conversations in the expo hall. Particular stand outs were Paul Tidwell with Microsoft talking a bit about where XNA Community Games is heading, going into the launch. I also met Frank Wilson of Twisted Pixel, one of the PAX 10 competitors with The Maw. (I still feel bad for not having my game further enough to compete this year, but I also wonder how I could have competed with some of the games that did make it to the floor.)

Twisted Pixel seems interesting... it seems from the website that the company is a bunch of escapees from High Voltage attempting to leave what has become a strict "franchise factory" for a more balanced existence of original development and consulting engineering for franchise titles to pay for the original stuff. Probably more interesting to me is that they are headquartered in "the Louisville area", with Louisville being the nearest big city to their home in Madison, Indiana. (It's right on the border of the Louisville CSA.) In some areas, such as San Francisco or New York, it would be potentially within commute distance from Louisville. In this area, it isn't that close, particularly with zero regional public transportation available to ease that commute.

I think I might ask to visit sometime and see what the culture is like, though.