Today was somewhat underwhelming from nervous expectations, but I suppose that is both good and bad. I had a slow start from the late night and caffeine acting a little slower than I expected so I made a few goofy mistakes on the way out, primarily realizing at the last minute that I needed singles for the bus and having to make a roundabout detour to get change. I especially missed my bike today, remembering when these long paths were once more manageable... I've done a lot of walking this weekend and have the blisters and bruises to prove it.

I followed through with the plan and after I arrived, lunch in hand, shortly after 1300 to the tabletop area I demoed my game for about five hours. I didn't see much foot traffic, though. I expected much less than the expo hall, but I think Saturday's card game tournaments competed with traffic to the area I was in. I'm hoping to make that up tomorrow, particularly with the Dev Kit Tournament, even with fewer hours the expo is open. I'm planning to get out there early and will skip lunch if people are around (otherwise I try to find a bar with ESPN to catch the UofL/UK game; do you think a "Fox Sports Grill" might show ESPN coverage? ;-).

All of the (non-bug related) feedback I received was again immensely positive, and I can't help but feel good about that. In between demos I dealt with the fun of trying to power two laptops with one working power adaptor. (I swapped a power adaptor at the last moment with a wrong connector to when that doesn't work, it seems.)

Had another nice dinner and conversation with Deirdra, then watched the Hothead panel (passed on a quick question in the Q&A). After two years of panel-heavy PAX schedules it felt a little weird to ave my first (and probably only panel) being a late Saturday panel.