I was having this conversation a few days ago and thought it was interesting enough to bring up in general. I think there's several good reasons to put a small bit of good money into a couple of nice "data monoliths" (think hardened server racks with maybe a simple 1U rack mount terminal and maybe WiFi of some sort) and shipping them to a couple of neighboring bodies, particularly the Moon but maybe geosynchronous orbit, Mars, Venus, whatever. I'm not predicting anything happening soon, but I think it might be a good idea to start shipping some of our data, particularly important data, off this planet. How many good companies have off-site backup of some form or another? Admittedly, not enough, but still why shouldn't we talk about some "off-site backups" of some of Humanity's data?

Maybe we're a few more centuries away from having the gonads to go out and settle on other worlds, but there are fewer reasons not to at least seed some data on the nearby rocks for at least some small survival of our collective intellect should something happen, or should we (knock on wood) have need of it.