So... I have my blinker on to merge left, SUV jackleg sees it and speeds up to pass, passes and flicks on right blinker to cut in front of me. I don't get it at all... Would it really be that hard to let me merge first? It's certainly the polite thing to do and... amazingly we could merge simultaneously in that scenario. Damn weirdly selfish people. Oh well.

I'm actually in a good mood today even though I had to get out of bed on early... (For nothing... I checked my email due to the snow at 8:35.... just missed the 8:40 announcement that my first class was canceled.) I had fun throwing snowballs from the snow piled upon my car. Lots of pretty scenery this morning.

The Velociraptor Safari game looks pretty amusing... Velociraptor (with feathers) mowing down fellow Velociraptors in a Jeep.