We're still waiting on the DSL setup materials for our apartment, so I'm quite behind on my less important and/or interesting personal email (no offense meant by that, though).

So, Microsoft, huh? Things have already been wild/fun, and I just started on Tuesday. I'm still having a hard time shaking the big company anxiety/cynicism that my previous employers scarred me with, but fortunately I think most of that is washing off. Not to mention the trepidation that comes from feeling so fortunate and so afraid to screw up lest the fortune vanish.

I'm amazed at the level of trust here. I have administrator priviledges on this box here at work and have been able to set things up the (weird) way that I like them. I can't explain the morale boost of just having such niceties as Vim 7, the Consolas font (quickly becoming my font of choice in every plain text situation), Foobar 2000, or a local copy of my entire music collection copied from my MP3 player. I was even given the chance to grab a copy of the latest Office 12 (2007) Beta. (Office 2007 rocks, by the way. I love the keyboard-friendliness of the very pretty and functional Ribbons, among other things.)

Today included a morale event (Picnic), and I was entrusted with (given) armaments (nerf weaponry)...

I'm really excited to see what next week might be like... The weekend alone may be reasonably busy.