It's official, Steve Purcell (creator of Sam & Max, to whom the rights were reverted back to following the abortion of LucasArts' much lamented 90%-completed sequel Freelance Police) has given the Sam & Max rights to Telltale Games. Telltale Games, for those who haven't met them yet, include a number of the developers that left LucasArts at the death of Freelance Police. There current project is an episodic (!) adventure game based on the Bone series of comics... it looks just like the comics do and I'm downloading the demo right now to see if its any good (if I have any time to try it). Telltale plans to develop a similar episodic series with the Sam & Max rights, but it won't/can't be like Freelance Police was going to be. Still no word on what LucasArts plans to do with that work other than continue to sit on it indefinitely.