School work has been ramping up pretty quickly. Then there's the fact that I'm looking for both a medium term (possibly/hopefully 2+ years) apartment and a coop job, one or the other (maybe both, depending on the job location) as soon as this Spring. Partly because of that, I'm also working on a couple games in Java for Game Gardens. Cooping with Three Rings would be pretty cool, and I was told that getting demos together would be a good step in the right direction. It's mostly fun work creating these demos, and I'm hoping that when we get to the project requirements of OO Design I'll be able to swing some of my work on the demos into counting for that particular class. The Three Rings Narya library needs some good public UML diagramming, alone.

Most of my activity can be watched in pretty shades of biege at the darcsweb view of my code repository on Ox. I'm using Ox for a lot of inter-computer work, as well as my current main repository, because it is the shell server that I have easiest access to. (My web host refuses to give out shell accounts for security reasons.) Ox is a Speed ACM server, so I'm gratious for the access to it, and its another reason I make sure to pay my local ACM dues.

Something like that darcsweb view is something I was hoping to set up at, but I haven't been able to get the cooperation to do that, and even if I did, ftping the repos is much more of a pain than being able to directly talk to the repo with darcs via ssh. I don't want to just forward it to Ox, because I don't control Ox and don't want to place so much of a load on it. Not to mention the fact that currently my host is doing the DNS work and I'd have to figure out how to untangle it enough to do something like that (probably by paying to do so).