Moot! The useless war in which no side could truly win is in its final stages. "The Prophecy" is a few decades from "playing out as it was supposed to". Nothing, whatsoever, truly matters, but ooh! isn't it pretty.

I went to a matinee showing of it, today, against my original intent. I went because my friends were and it would be a bit of a "group hangout". At the end, as I feared I would, I wanted my money back. I almost fell asleep. I almost vomited.

Now that the saga is "complete" I'm ready to bury it. Do I need a silver bullet for the silver screen? At this point, once this movie has settled onto DVD shelves and out of current conversation, my intent is to never discuss or pay attention to anything Star Wars again.

To keep from wasting my time, I'm simply going to cut and paste from email responses now:

At this point, the film is as predictable as excrement from a dog. I laugh at spoiler warnings. It's like the spoiler warnings before the movie Titanic came out. Anakin becomes Vader, Palpatine is revealed as Sidious, Luke and Leia are born. If *ANY* of that comes as a surprise after 5 movies, someone needs a doctor.

Here's a real spoiler for the movie: It's really long and tiring.

Are you kidding me? The entire dialogue was cringingly vomit worthy. The only resonable dialogue was the cliched fight dialogue.

What's more, Lucas further shoved his foot in his mouth and proved that he really doesn't understand what Democracy is.

This film plays out entirely like a bad Aeschylus or Sophocles play... and we can't blame the poor use of language on a bad translation.

Thought the pacing was uneven. The 1st half was pretty much a "why is this significant?" but the second half really picked up and made up for the 1st.

I felt entirely the opposite. What little is watchable in the new film is the "new" stuff... the insignificant battles with Grevious and the Droids. Everything else is just "prophecy" happening and I found myself over and over wondering "why the hell is this scene dragged out so long?".

Furthermore, I decided that I wanted to shoot the editors of the film. The movie suffers from some of the worst film techniques that any good Director is going to trash. Beyond Lucas' long overuse of wipe seques, there is the simple fact that not a single damn action sequence plays out in its entirety without cutting to some interruption. It gave me a headache.

The Vader bit at the end was utterly unconvincing, and really broke the character. They should've used FAR less dialogue in this scene, and shown Vader's reactions indirectly. Would've been far more effective, IMHO.

I think that it ultimately proved the character was broken to begin with! The Mysterious Vader of Episode 4 has now been completely replaced with the Whiny Anakin of Episodes 1, 2, and 3. My Mom died from natives of my crappy home planet! My wife is going to die in childbirth! The Council won't let me be a "Master"! The other Kindergartners won't share their toys!

If that's "The Dark Side", then no wonder the Jedi try so hard to get kids as young as possible! One bad Elementary school and you have a Darth Lord on your hands.

By the way, "Moot!" is my favorite square on the Jump to Conclusions mat.

Updates from 5/20/5:

I havent seen it but all i can say is... are you actually suprised that it sucked????

No, I'm not surprised. Lucas is a despot-loving, conservative hack.

But, I was hoping for something at least watchable. The first XXX film had better action and dialogue than ROTS.

Well, are the fight scenes good?

No, they aren't. I'm hoping that all the good action directors in the country right now are plotting to Kill Lucas, because people keep confusing ROTS with a good action film.

The direction and editing have made puree of action film. The best action sequence is the first one, as it is the only one that doesn't jump around like a half-rabbit dyslexic kid on pure sugar cane. Even then, there is just too much on the screen at some points, and a couple of useless problems ("Look out, Buzz Droids!"). But it was supposed to be "epic" and I could, for the most part, forgive that action sequence (up until they actual reach their destination). Everything else was total and utter crap. The rest drag on too long, jump around too much, and generally are rather forgetable. A couple seem only there to really show off force powers and lightsaber effects for the last time. Then there's the fact that you have to slog through the awful dialogue to get to most of the action scenes...