I've been thinking about this for some days now and haven't written it down, but someone told me that my recent posts (other than movies/book reviews) have seemed somewhat depressive, so I figured I'd give this short nostalgiac note about my year in Deep Space Ohio.

Anyway, of all the Star Trek Theme Songs, I have to say that the best is the Deep Space 9 theme song. Interestingly, when DS9 first started I thought the song was too slow, but I think is merely in contrast to the rest of the stuff on ADD-vision. DS9 theme's swelling chords are like a verdant landscape with a resplendent sunrise.

At King's Island, when I worked there, no matter what else was in the ambient song loop the first song was always the Deep Space 9 theme. I knew this because, so many mornings, being a Morning Person for my stand, I would walk into the park as the landscapers were just finishing up their work, the fountains were just being turned on, and the ambient music was just being started. That is a fond memory I cherish, of walking past the gorgeous fountains and greenery to the swells of the DS9 theme.