This was to be a comment, but the website didn't seem to be accepting it, and I thought it too good to waste.

Why is it you hear Repug after repug spout out their rehearsed and repetative "save life" over and over but you don't hear the wishes of Terri herself.

Because Terri herself doesn't matter. She never has to the Republicans. Their reason to be unjustly involved in this case is political and political alone, and that has to be the most selfish and demented facet of this situation. They couldn't given a damn about Terri's life... Unless it's able to give them a few more votes.

No no, if only it were about a few votes! These slimebags have these votes already! No, the reason there is so much focus on this is because it takes pressure off the real foci of these stupid times. Fox News can spend just short of 24 Hours spewing about this shit and reduce Darfur, the ongoing bullshit war with Iraq, Syria, Iran and whoever the fuck wants some after that, and every other real issue to a fifteen minute talking point in between rants between incomprehensible "journalists" with neither integrity nor balls.

Beyond that, the reason this shit is being broadcasted so much is it furthers their damn agendas! Darfur genocide doesn't help them block abortion and the people's control of their own lives here in this country like yelling about this vegetable can. It's the exact same reason the Peterson trial took 24 hours a day of time on Fox News. It's the exact same reason the Conservatives were clamoring for the head of Peterson on a pike. The sad and ironic part of this tale is that the lower dregs of the Conservistan are so twisted in blindly following that they don't see the ultimate policy that this shit is leading to and that they themselves are supporting... All this is leading toward a State that has near full control of the life and death of its citizens. You there have potential worth to society, so we'll keep you alive regardless of your current environment or mental ability. You here, however, have proven to be a pain in our side so we've decided your life needs termination.

The Right to Lifers have never been about Life (otherwise, why the fuck don't they give a shit about Darfur?) it has always been about the "Right" to Control Life.

I just hope all the Conservative sheeple followers will appreciate this brave new world they are creating.