Back at The House tonight because of classes tomorrow. For those who haven't heard, I got the fun Spring Break vacation known as "wisdom teeth removal". On the whole the experience was about like a three day bender in Cancun, then waking up to find your kidney removed except than in my case I didn't get the benefit of the three days of drinking and instead of a kidney going to grace the insides of some anonymous mexican kid I had four teeth go by way of the "medical waste" facilities. At this point, the major hangover is gone, but the wooziness is still a factor, and the swelling, albeit less than its peak, with its connected pains is still a problem.

It's funny, but the only pain that actually kept my thoughts this week was the slowly dulling pain of the previous weeks' tests, and the soon to be sharp pain of this coming week's work. I'm finally starting to think that any school program that can make surgery look like a cakewalk is probably worth it. I'm also, sadly, starting to use war analogies for it, so let me apologise for those that will inevitably show up later in this post.

I've been thinking about this silent treatment I'm currently getting from any company I submit my resume to, or ask to even just contemplate my employment as a possibility. I'll admit it, my GPA says that I'm a mere average guy amongst a few brilliant giants here at Speed. At this point, I've come to terms that my colleagues in this school are all geniuses in their own right, and being average amongst them is fine with me. But, my resume, my website, and my writing should all help to show that I'm not entirely devoid of skills! I'll be the first to admit that I'm very much a Jack of Most Trades, Master of Few, and that sure I'm somewhere near the average for most of my skills, but I can do damn near anything and I adapt quickly. I would hope that that would be worth something.

Basically, I'm just hoping that at some point some recruiter/hirer/CEO/whatever at some company that I could I make a real difference at would adjust his pair, overlook my GPA, and go "You know, this kid just might have something to offer". At this point I'm not holding my breath, all I'm going to do is stick my head back in the trenches. Should word arrive of something arrive, it will be a shining beacon to strive for, but otherwise the calluses are starting to form.

In other news, I wrote an article Tuesday night before the surgery about how my old headmaster appears to be going crazier by the day, but I think only about one or two people might find it interesting. On the other hand, it fits in with my current bad temper and cynicism with the Conservatives, so it might be worth a rewrite. (I couldn't post on Tuesday because of my parents' weird wireless network. If I were a good technology kid I should have figured it out and fixed it months ago. Maybe I should ask my friends who are more in love with the IT side of things if they have any ideas.)