Honestly, at this point I almost want the ability to ship people who speak in leet, or otherwise poorly, some sort of intervention. Required Remedial English Classes or something. Anyway its gotten really bad in some of the email I've gotten recently and I feel like bashing my head in everytime I see "omg", among other initialisms.

The low point of my week thus far was coming back from class yesterday to a pile of emails from these stupid Brazilians. There are several Brazillians I admire like Miguel de Icaza, and Brazil is pushing international copyright laws in some good directions (partly out necessity, as early (1700s) America once did). On the other hand Brazil is producing way too many youngsters with too much time on their hands and internet access, because their vigilante "hacker" (actually, "cracker") groups are becoming too large and aggressive.

I so would have had the urge to laugh after calling my dad to tell him he couldn't check his work email because a Brazillian gang had attacked my host's servers, if it weren't for sludging through email after email of poor, annoying leet-English. They were doing me "a favor" by bringing my host to its knees and annoying the shit out of me.

Maybe the joke is on me for being so tied into the internet that a rampaging gang of Brazillians with bad English and a love of odd spelling, believing they are working to solve the World's security problems, can be the low point of my week. Or maybe it just says how well my weeks have been going recently.

Meanwhile,I was pleasantly pleased at how my host handled things. According to my website logs they restored from a backup that was created within an hour of the take down, which alone was great to see.