On the tails of what I wrote yesterday I chanced into an interesting conversation today about it...

This freshman English teacher (teaching 102) was sitting on the steps of the Humanities building smoking while her class was busy, and I was on break. I reminisced, "Yeah, I had one of those a while ago... hmm, I took 105." She responded, "Ah, you are an honors student...", and I sheepishly looked at my shoes and cut in with, "Well, I was." I then had to explain to her how my GPA was scrambled over in the Engineering courses and that my real draw/passion for it lies closer to the linguistic/creative edge than the mathematical/science edge. She then went through most of the questions I had asked myself in last night's blog post. It was such glorious irony, I guess, to have someone else ask them of me.

She lamented the University's lack of strength when it came to the cross-disciplinary arts, and reminded me of how what little remained of the Linguistics department had been poorly smashed into her own English department. She then pointed out that the ex-head of the Linguistics department was someone that I would do well to meet, and that the University was so poorly utilizing his skills because he was now doing menial work in the Communications department!

Just very interesting to see my own self-discussion revisited in conversation no more than eight or nine hours after I wrote it.