Louisville taxis are a weird entity. For a city where you can't get almost anywhere without a car, you would think that more people would rely on the taxis, but I've honestly seen more limos in my life in Louisville, than I have taxis. Then, with no taxi commission and no taxi monopoly, everytime you see a taxi it is usually a different company if not a different color.

Now, most cities the taxi drivers tend to drive "ultra native"... that is, they know the cities better than most natives and drive like it. Here, most taxis drive like they just arrived in the city and have no clue where they are going. I think I would trust the buses well before I would trust a taxi in this city.

The other day I saw a real taxi, one that drove better than me, and was amazed. One of the blue taxi companies had actually managed to hire a driver that made me think, "Wow, that guy drives like a taxi driver from any other city".