It felt good to be acknowledged a few nights ago in Puzzle Pirates... My character, the rather unassuming "just tell you where you need me" type guy named, as is typical for me, Rekam, was promoted to an officer within the crew Moose of Doom. Whereas the supergroup promotions in City of Heroes were largely ceremonial and ultimately provided little benefit, the promotions in Puzzle Pirates are just as intricately tied into the Economics and Play of the game.

As an Officer, Rekam is given the responsibilities over entire ships. Prior to the promotion the pirate Rekam, if 'e wished to set sail and pillage the seas of the Midnight Ocean, would have to find an officer already out at sea or job temporarily for another crew. (There are several things that can be done without hitting the seas, but you make pieces o' eight faster when ye're out pillaging the high seas.) Now Rekam can borrow one of the crews boats, hire jobbers, and go out sailing on his own. The other night he won his first battle alone (except for robot hands performing the ship's "lower" duties), and last night he took a entire journey from one island to another and back, mostly alone, winning four out of five battles with the brigands (robot ships). An Officer, due to the added responsibility and work, also makes slightly more in the course of a journey.

I got the typical "Intro to Officership" course, which like so many other things in my life I was able to jump in and run with it. The new position gives me an even better view of Puzzle Pirates' robust economy. I can't believe that the moneymakers in the world of virtual economies haven't yet encroached upon this economy yet. (For a fun look at such moneymakers check out the blog of Julian Dibbel as referenced in [Holy Cow, Batman].) On the other hand I do have a few ideas of why they haven't: smaller audience, greater character retainment, "kiddie" atmosphere.

I really do believe that Three Rings' has done a real neat job at the game, and it has been a good diversion for those few hours late at night when homework is done and I don't feel like doing anymore reading.

Yet again I find myself looking at Three Rings' job page contemplating that part-time java development position they mention... I could do it, if I didn't care about homework this semester, but would they hire me? Would it lead me to further oppurtunity?

Sigh. For now I'll probably just leave it as another facet of my piratey dreams.