After the second checkin today and lunch I made the decision to start drinking. I just now stopped. Of course, there was a several hour break in which I wasn't technically "allowed" to have alcohol, but prohibiting drinking at a Football Stadium that sells alcohol is just funny. Amidst all this, weather happened. Some great rain, an awesome hail storm, and even some time spent visiting the visitor's locker room while we waited out the tornadic activity downtown.

Watched the Football "Spring Game", and listened to part of a Nappy Roots concert. Signed the paper to guarantee my soul to the University for season tickets. (There were actually two of these this year, but I didn't sign the other which was for so-called "Priority 1" ticket buyers and contractually obligated those students to wear a red shirt to basketball games among other things.)

When I got back, we watched This is Spinal Tap. Ah, even funnier drunk.

My only annoyance with the past several hours is that I left my backpack in a friend's truck and the backpack had a few drinker's snacks (chex mix, chocolate), which would be nice to have right now. It should show up soon enough I guess. I hope the chex mix doesn't spill all over the inside of the bag, not that I guess its a big deal or anything. I guess it has to be a good day if my biggest worry is whether or not the chex mix in my backpack has spilled out of its bag (I opened it poorly, I admit).