I was late to every class today, that I attended. Hell, I was late to being late for one class. The allergies have been going on for nearly a week now. I decided that why bother taking classes if you can't have at least a little fun so I got up really early this morning to wait in line for season tickets for UofL basketball and football. Triangle did the opposite of rock hardcore (sand softexterior?) this year. In three years, my personal position in line: 5, 9, 144. Partly its to blame on communication issues. Partly its to blame on these darn youngsters. All the old guys that I went with these last two years have either graduated, while graduate soon, or fell to the knife of the new graduate student ticket system. If I'm here in the Spring, I might make it my mission to beat some sense into these kids on how you grab a good spot in line.

I don't know what I'll be doing come next Spring, though. But let's not get into that discussion just yet.

I saw an advertisement I thought was cool, today. A group is renovating this ugly warehouse building (I believe it is a part of the ex-Ralston-Purina property, but I'm not certain) that is directly across from the football practice field (thus catacorner to the football stadium). They are converting it into "sports lofts", which might be interesting. It also happens to be a great location about equidistant from both Kroger and Campus.

Finally, I just want to say how much I hate group projects and wish I could smash in the face of a large number of people. Apparently my whole lot in life is to be stuck in crappy groups by teachers who don't really understand how to direct group projects and believe that we "need it" to better ourselves.