An exploration of UPS stagecoach logistics in a world of large battery and fossil fuel scarcity, but internet access and modern devices.

The Crestwood Stage

Jane grumbled unhappily awake at the notification ping from her tablet, realizing it meant some algorithm wanted her stagecoach in motion asap. “Dumb algorithms, all you care about is the horses, where’s my beauty sleep in your equations, huh?” Being a common rhetorical complaint for Jane, she expected no response from the tablet as she snatched it to see the freshly pinged itinerary. She was needed at the regional hub in a jiffy, with barely enough time to grab a coffee from the Starbucks downstairs on the way out to the nearest stable. As in many such mornings recently, she was a bit disappointed at the lack of time to take a proper shower. The logistics app’s timer was its same oppressive reminder of the time she was wasting even thinking about a shower.