This idea came to me as a joke for a tweet, but suddenly there is a word count spreadsheet involved and I think I’m actually doing it. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November is a strange month choice for me, as I find the Thanksgiving holiday and surrounding family gatherings don’t leave a lot of time for writing. I felt like my 2016 NaNoWriMo attempt was my best in terms of outline and plot plans, but in addition to the known destabilization of holiday plans I found some unpleasant destabilization in a winter and political depression.

So having given it a month and letting the holidays mostly flow past, I’m picking back up into my story and thinking I would like to finish it, maybe even with something approaching the structure of NaNoWriMo. January seems like a fine month to try it, and its a fresh new year. So that’s the “January Novel Writing Month” (JaNoWriMo) project: finish November’s novel attempt in a month with presumably fewer distractions.