I juggled the installed things on my Xbox One to try out the Destiny 2.0 release. (I desperately need an external drive for the Xbox One, I know. There is never enough space in the install all the blu-rays/download all the games world. My “Ready to Install” list is already wild.)

Quickly upon reinstalling I was reminded why I rage uninstalled the second time: the penultimate level of the “House of Wolves” storyline involved a timing problem that I had a very tough time soloing (don’t die from waves of enemies while hitting certain targets in a very limited amount of time). With the 2.0 level adjustments (I hit 34 Warlock, 147 Light Level, two exotics including Pocket Infinity and some helmet; the level itself was downgraded to something like Level 22) I found it a bit easier going and managed to complete the level in three attempts this time.

The following (and final) level in the storyline (“Queen’s Ransom”) involves a disappearing platform section. Ten failed attempts later I rage uninstalled the entire game again. It’s another case where I probably would have enjoyed it more if I could somehow have couch co-oped it with someone, and even a random matchmake if it had checkpoint auto-jumping. Solo, on my own, without any chance for cheats or quick saves or auto-jumps, I am devastated and destroyed. (In ten attempts the furthest I got, thrice, was seemingly exactly half-way through. It had a voice clip trigger but not a checkpoint after the voice clip, which frustrated me all the more.)

That right there pretty much torpedoes any interest I might have held for The Taken King, which I guess is good for my wallet for the time being.