We’ve had far too many patron deaths, too many patron injuries, and too much bad publicity from this most recent incident. I’d like to propose a simple security cover to better prepare us for the next time. We all know that Isla Nublar is prone to intense Tropical Storm weather patterns from time to time. (A tropical storm was of course a contributing factor to the big Jurassic Park incident that furloughed those early efforts.) It seems easy enough that we overbuild for Tropical Storm Preparedness. We make sure to have a good coverage of security bunkers and evacuation routes.

Under the banner of Tropical Storm Readiness we have an easy cover both for actual inclement weather, but also for any future asset management issues that may arise. Should any complaints arise about Tropical Storm alarms in good weather we can always blame it on security-over-conscious drills or the Costa Rican Weather Service. We can even leverage the security bunkers and commonly timed drills to encourage a captive audience to spend additional money on emergency bunker dining and shopping experiences.

I am hoping this security proposal is taken seriously, I think we’d all like to see Jurassic World reopen in a timely fashion, despite this most recent setback. It will be important to prevent future patron deaths, injuries, and more importantly bad publicity.