Tonight I gave a talk at the Kentucky Open Source Software meetup on Mozilla Persona as the login system that could save the web, if we can manage to help it get adopted in more places. It’s a safer, more private, easy to use alternative to the mess of technologies and disconnected password databases we currently use. The concept was to demonstrate Persona login into an actual real world website, in this case the StingerCheck app I wrote and also show how simple the integration code is for that website (StingerCheck on GitHub).

I thought it was a good idea to give this talk precisely because of the concept of “Community Ownership” of Mozilla Persona and the idea that we as a community own it and Mozilla Persona isn’t going anywhere unless we present it to various parts of our communities and passionately explain why we need it and why it’s the right solution that more website developers should consider and more website users should maybe ask for.

There wasn’t available wifi I could connect to in the conference room, so I was glad I had prepared screenshot backup slides of the login demonstaion at the end of the slide deck. Hopefully they were almost as useful as actually seeing it live.

Here’s the slide deck I built for the talk: