I'm about halfway through Charlie Stross' The Apocalypse Codex, the latest book in his "The Laundry" series. I'm also working my way slowly through the secrets of The Secret World. Both have similar concepts and its getting increasingly hard for me not to compare, contrast, and (more interestingly) cross-over the series. So here's a few somewhat loose bits of me "over-thinking it" with regards to where I think Stross' Laundry fits into The Secret World:

All of The Laundry novels thus far fit pretty well as "prologue" to The Secret World. TSW appears a few ticks closer on the doom clock towards CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN. TSW's massive awakening of magic powers is certainly something of a worrying precursor to CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN that hasn't yet happened in Stross' novels. Also, I would think that the greater international awareness of occult issues following TSW's "Shanghai incident" would be recognized in Stross' novels, would they have happened.

The inter-faction struggles in TSW literally color the landscape, so it's increasingly hard not to try painting the organizations in The Laundry novels with those same colors. For the most part, I see the novels as largely "blue" Illuminati activities. The titular Laundry itself seems clearly "low tech" Illuminati to me. Even though London is associated with the Templars in TSW, I still think the methods, beliefs, and tools of the Laundry put them squarely in the Illuminati camp. Similarly, the Laundry's darker American "counterpart", the Black Chamber, still seems rather Illuminati in nature. Albeit the more extreme dark parts of the Illuminati.

If I recall correctly, Templar-like organizations have been hinted at in The Laundry, but thus far I don't think they've had much of a central role. Religious organizations have been central antagonists, but thus far nothing truly "Templar" in zeal, nor morally gray enough to match TSW's Templars. Particularly given TSW's Templars use of London as their home, I particularly think that there's cool cross-over possibility in interacting the Templars with The Laundry.

I currently can think of no evidence of a truly Dragon-like organization anywhere in The Laundry. (However, "as a Dragon", I am sure there are plenty of "butterflies" flapping there wings in the edges and outskirts of the novels. That said, I am currently unaware of which particular storms were effected by such, much less what the models might be for future storms. But I'm betting there are models. The Dragon always has models.)

TSW is fascinating because it makes conspiracy theory soup a key conversation topic. I'm wondering how much the internet's actual conspiracy theorists are struggling the barrage of new, entirely unrelated, high page ranked content to some of their favorite keywords... Probably a mix of love/hate? It's more work for them to keep track of their own conversations, but similarly it would mean that it would make it harder for THEM to track as well.

Maybe next time on "over-thinking it", should there be a next time, we can discuss where Warehouse 13 fits within The Secret World...