Thought I'd post a friendly heads up here on my blog: Thunder Over Louisville is April 21st this year. It's coming up fairly rapidly. As I've mentioned to a few I will (of course) be hosting a gathering at my condo this year, rain, sleet or shine. My condo will have a great view (and amenities like air conditioning), and is an easy walk to the shenanigans happening at Waterfront Park.

I expect this will be the first of many and I'm anxiously looking forward to it. Based on earlier conversations, I'm thinking that at least some availability of Mint Juleps will be required (for those looking to party Derby Style at least twice in three weeks). I'm willing to bet that some Rock Band may even be played.

I'll need to figure out some sort of food plan between now and then, so letting me know if you are interested in attending would be appreciated and you can send that to my email address (still after all these years). If you need them, I'll provide directions via email as well.

Hmm, I may end up needing someone to coordinate a Facebook event for me, because I still don't feel like reactivating my account...

Also, ConGlomeration is the weekend before if your April calendar isn't yet as packed as mine seems to be.