I'm deep within the process of condo buying. I have damoclesian pendulums of insurance, loan agreements, furniture needs, et al hanging over. I have reached a responsibility point of no return that is of course both exciting and frightening. If I have not matured I at least seem to be pretending at maturity well enough.

Visited the condo again today and each time I visit is a slight touch more complete and ready and slight bit more awesome and exciting. I hope to throw a great party to celebrate once things are ready. We should celebrate all the little things of life and debt.

On Saturday for the mortgage company I was ransacking old archives for minutia from past lives. I don't think that I would have predicted some of the curvature of the last few years. I certainly would have planned things differently, if I were better at planning and foresight. I think I'm in a good place right now, metaphysically speaking. But I'm not sure where I'm going quite yet.

In the stack of documents I was looking for was one with my company logo (Enlark) and I shivered a little when the logo appeared on screen. I do the same thing every time I hand out a business card. There's a lot of weird emotion there of unfulfilled promise. The logo is one I made rather quickly from simple elements and found elements and a gorgeous licensed font that found me. It's still evocative to me. Almost more so given the company's failure, or rather the utter lack of failure. I put in a lot of hours and work and sweat and tears into its projects. I got back a little more stress than I expected and a lot more good, useful learning experience than I expected.

I still need to get a project published with that logo. I still need to find time to push that logo onto a big screen in a living room that isn't my own. I still want the company to have a year that is truly in the black or even in the red.

In many ways the new condo will be a new office for Enlark. Maybe the change in scenery will prompt some good progress somewhere or other in the pipeline.