I've uploaded a first preview build of the Madiolahb library [1] on PyPI, which means that you can install this preview release with easy_install or, better yet, pip if you have Python and one or the other installer on your system.

The latest Madiolahb documentation is now also up on PyPI and this will be where I will keep it up to date now. I'm going to slack on updating the appspot site until I've got a preview build for the REST API.

The big deal here is that Madiolahb is now a standalone library (the AppEngine code will depend on it rather than vice versa) and that it has a command line script (just madiolahb when installed via easy_install or pip). You can explore the API in Python if you wish, or you can try to Play By Command Line using JSON (or YAML if you prefer) files and command line pipes. It has useful starter help documentation (-h), and I think a very good tool to start examining.

There are a lot of known bugs and unfinished commands. It's still not quite "Bhaloidam standard" yet, but getting there. There are a lot of things I need to redocument or document for the first time. I need to start on the REST API handlers. I want to get the old text parser back together (and available from the command line). I should get code pages up on my website with the change log and a link to an up-to-date source repository. But this is a decent starting point. I think the command line feel here (bugs withstanding) should provide some idea into my thought processes for Madiolahb and a decent idea of where it is going. Feedback is welcome/encouraged.

[1]Madiolahb is my laboratory/API for Bhaloidam.