Jorge (@JAlbor) and I, couldn't make it to PAX this year, and thus we did a brief twitter improv of a better alternate universe PAX lovingly named alt-PAX. It was like the Fringe alt-universe played 140-characters at a time, albeit without the world shattering consequences or semi-evil doppelgangers. (At least, none that we currently know of. I can't preclude the possibility that some unorthodox division of the FBI isn't investigating alt-PAX right now.)

Considering that so much of my PAX news this year came from twitter first, the constrained improv of twitter seemed the best place to write what was ultimately "PAX fan-fic". I think some of the tweets were interesting enough (probably more of Jorge's than my own after the final count) that perhaps the search link should be preserved for as long as the tweets themselves survive, so thus I've blogged it.