I just recently got a working client on the fifth platform [1] for KeyLimePie, which is written in Lua for Löve 2D. Löve 2D feels like something in between what I've done with pygame and XNA. I wanted to prove that I grok Lua and Löve 2D was a good way to do that. The Löve 2D client is the richest offline client for KeyLimePie thus far. (The Silverlight client is still my preferred online client.)

I think the simplicity of KeyLimePie's base model once again shines in the Lua client. The Lua code is certainly smaller than I expected, including the fact that the code does all of its own update/draw logic.

The Lua client also happens to be the first implementation of a couple of features I've been meaning to implement in other clients, but the Lua client benefits from the project that explicitly is targeting it, my "cover letter project" [2].

Source Code for Ransom

I've built most of the KeyLimePie clients and tools with Open Sourcing them in mind. However, I'm not sure if there is any actual interest in this toolkit of mine, so I thought I might hold it for ransom.

[EDIT: Ransom thing removed.]

I'll use contributions to gauge how much documentation I should write, and how many of the tools, clients, and servers I initially release to the web as Open Source. I think the ransom amount is a good start (and a great deal on the work done to date! [3]), but some things, like a lot of the work I've put more specifically into A Robot Fugue may require contributions to exceed the ransom amount before I consider open sourcing them. (For instance, I do have a number in mind to CC license the entirety of the A Robot Fugue script to date, plus wherever it goes from here, for instance.)

I think it is a pleasure to write scripts for KeyLimePie, and I'd love to know if there is any outside interest in trying it. Feel free to post questions or comments in the boxes below or email me@worldmaker.net.

[1]For those keeping score at home, the following languages/platforms have seen the ability to play KeyLimePie scripts: Python (CLI), ChoiceScript, Ren'Py, C# (Silverlight), and now Lua (Löve 2D).
[2]A project attempting to tightrope walk between silly and boring. It has been an interesting creative exercise, but possibly a doomed one. The basic concept is that I'm being interviewed by space aliens for a space reality show that is controlled by audience participation. It's basically an interactive resume that I'm attempting to make much more interesting than just an interactive resume. It has provided an excuse to fill it with my really bad character art and not feel too self-conscious about that. (They're just ugly space aliens.)
[3]Basic COCOMO analysis with David A. Wheeler's sloccount tool reveals an estimate of around $33,000 of software estimate on just the Python tools and Silverlight client alone. $300 is a discount of nearly 99%! As bonus, I've already released the related musdex tool to Open Source, prior to the ransom: a nearly $10,000 value! [4]
[4]Yes, I realize that COCOMO analysis is skewed, but its one of the best estimates I have right now of the value of my time, given some better economy where I might have been employed and salaried to produce tools like these.