Hurricane-powerful winds tore through the Louisville area yesterday and my parents' neighborhood lost power along with over a million other homes and businesses (just under E.ON/LG&E). Still no power today, so I'm sitting in the (awesome) Heitzman Bakery and Deli on Shelbyville Road. Nothing reminds you how much you rely on power like over 24 hours without it. Current estimates for the outage range anywhere from 48 hours to 1 week... I was hoping to get homework done yesterday and today, and now I'm wondering if I'll get much done at all this week. More than a little frustrating for a guy so dependent on the internet and computers for work.

On the more positive side, we're on the edge of tornado alley so in terms of preparedness this region is actually pretty well off. There seems to be less physical damage than a major tornado cluster and while power outages are a bit worse than usual, it's certainly cope-able.