I was in the process of writing a custom commenting system because I wanted threaded comments, OpenID, and Gravatar, at the very least, and there's currently no existing Django aggregation that supports all of those. I got maybe 85% done on that when I discovered Intense Debate and as you may have noticed, I've gone ahead and installed it. On the one hand I like letting someone else focus on making things cool, and it has all of the features that I was looking for and almost had in my custom thing. On the other hand right now the tool is JS-only, which means that non-JS enabled browsers (like lynx, which I often test my sites against, actually) don't see the comments. So, does anyone have a strong opinion for/against Intense Debate? Does the social network aspects make up for the requirement of JavaScript/JScript/ECMAScript? I still feel torn between the power of finishing my own custom thing and ease of using someone else's work and continued innovation...

In interesting news in case anyone is following Darcsforge, I've actually been working on it recently. I've just about finished a new feature that I think makes my small, simple, goofy issue tracker quite a bit more actually useful: Repository-based Issue Tracking. This was a "two weekend hack" project of sorts and was a nice way to get back into the code base. It encouraged me to write the first bit of code necessary to get the file annotation information. That will be helpful when it comes time to get back to finishing the file-browser stuff.

Also, I went ahead and purchased darcsforge.org to make the project a little more respectable and eventually I might move the homepage of the project from its current home on my personal code site to something like self.darcsforge.org.

I got a big kick out of act one of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and I can't wait to see the next act soon. The first webisode of Heroes' "Going Postal" was somewhat "meh", not awful, but not spectacular either.