Just some quick mini-reviews, ordered by own my own weird reading order:

Just fun, weird steampunk with anthropomorphic cats and dogs.
Who doesn't want to believe that magic sasquatches roam the pacific northwest as hidden, photo-averse park rangers? Cute-haters, that's who. (Reminded me tangentially of the great Futurama episode involving the sasquatch.)
Tommysaurus Rex
Happy fairy tale: Boy loses dog. Boy moves to farm. Boy discovers T-Rex. Boy eventually grows up.
Creature Tech
Doug has a weird neo-Gnosticism all his own and Creature Tech, so far, is the one that is the most there. It's a funny sort of Raiders of the Lost Ark with space eels and mad magicians. The gnostic elements simply add to the fantastical feel of the piece, and didn't bother me all that much.
Earthboy Jacobus
This a cute, fantastical "triumph over evil" voyage. There were a few things that even really piqued my interest. It's a veiled version of Jonah and the Whale and a not-so-veiled US Marines versus the "commie" hive-minded insects tale, but the art alone is worth it.