I finally consolidated all of my tagging functionality here on my personal site to the more comprehensive, more "out of the box" experience of django-tagging. This means for me that tags now actually work on blog posts, so maybe I'll start using them more consistently... It also means that I now have my own tag cloud to stare at in wonder as opposed to a boring flat list. There's some other cleanup there on my tag pages, but the cloud is the most visible. Now I'm debating putting a blog-specific cloud on the blog main page.

The only real interesting bit of the code I had to figure out and write is my general "every model" cloud view, because while django-tagging provides clouds for individual models it is missing this particular ability:

def cloud(request):
    Grand tag cloud for the whole ball o' wax.
    tags = list(Tag.objects.extra(select={'count':
        '''SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tagging_taggeditem
        WHERE tagging_taggeditem.tag_id = tagging_tag.id'''}))
    return render_to_response('tagging/tag_list.html', {'object_list': calculate_cloud(tags)})

The only thing that should be noted is that extra select clause works for PostgreSQL, but won't work for MySQL, due to using a full sub-select.