In Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom a society, the Bitchun Society, was posited in which people were valued on their street cred and their determination to do cool things. In some ways that's the way the internet seems to work, at least the crazier and more fun sections. I've been talking recently about Project Chanology, not because I'm a member (I am not a member, nor have I ever been), but because its hard not to talk about it with all of the big Digg posts and Youtube hits. But what I fail to mention to the older people around me (and few have picked up from media coverage) is that so many of the Anonymous Legion are simply "in it for the lulz..." (in it for the laughs, and if that isn't worth your whuffie, I don't know what is). The revolution will televised, but it may also include the requisite amount of rickrolling and Bel Airs... For those last few terms you may be inclined to visit the Encyclopedia Dramatica, but be warned that this rabbit hole is most definitely NSFW.