Sigh. Gave up after only a round and a half of trying to play Halo 3 multi-player tonight. It's funny... I have the Gold account and a bunch of online great multiplayer games, but few multiplayer achievements and I rarely have the patience to play much more than a round or two every few months. I've even felt intimidated playing Uno online and I'm not that bad at Uno (which is more luck than strategy, anyway)... Xbox tries to let people self-categorize with a couple of labels ("Pro", "Recreation", "Family", ...), but at least for me it doesn't seem to work or there are just a lot of jerks in "Recreation". I know I suck, you don't have to keep telling me. Also, I couldn't figure out how to switch Halo 3 out of Slayer matchmaking... I'm hoping its just the goofy EXP thing and "basic training", because I feel like an idiot and I'm not a big fan of free for all deathmatches (because I suck).