I promised the source code to this webpage about 10 months ago when I debuted it. Well, I don't have everything ready, just yet, but I've started in that direction and so for those who don't mind wearing hard hats, feel free to step gingerly through the newly updated Code.WorldMaker.net.

I'll keep slowly boot-strapping it over the next couple of weeks and when it is truly looking nice I might post a quick mention. I'll definitely want to spend a post or two on Darcsforge, what is does, what it intends to do, and how it works.

What's working? The Issue Tracker and Patch Tracker (and some cool cross-integration) both appear to be working. I don't have decent WorldMaker.net versions of the Darcsforge templates, so you'll have to bear with me and these rough first steps. (I've been doing testing in Darcsforge's clean default templates, which I like but I prefer having my personal site relatively consistently-themed.)

What's not working? The Project Map, The Repository Map, The File Browser, The Wiki, whatever other crazy applications I think should be added.