It takes a lot to earn my wrath, but Mimi's Cafe is awful. It's a very French-style cafe chain from California pretending to be a New Orleans cafe with "international flavor". It's a wholly owned subsidiary of Bob Evans, for those that enjoy the "which chain owns which other chain game" like I do. A quick glance at the scoreboard:

That last one, the PPP ratio, I think may be something that I start to examine more often. My appetite drops dramatically the heavier the average person in the room is. I'm curious if fat people tend to go to unhealthy restaurants more often and in my experience for the most part that is the case...

Regardless, I ordered a salad. It was bad. I'm amazed every time I see a restaurant brutally murder a salad preparation.

I don't foresee me ever again having a reason to eat at this awful chain.