It's only taken me a month, but I finally uploaded the photos that I took over the holidays. Probably not too incredible for anybody, but there are couple of cute shots in there of my family. Ah, transience. On the topic of transience:

  • Three shots of my Holiday Special beerrow, "Holiday Stars". I don't why, but these stupid artworks of bottle caps arranged to whim seem to speak to me a lot. I've certainly had a problem with seeing each subtly different phase in my life as a disparate existence unto itself; born and reborn approximately every three months as I move again or I take different classes and deal with different problems and people. The beerrows, and I think that's what I'm going refer to them regardless of shape, become sign pointers along the way. I don't know what these "art pieces" say to those around me, but they say a lot to me of where I was and who I was when I made it. I don't know, does art need rationalization? Is arranging beer caps in amusing patterns, photographing them, then throwing them away, art? I guess.
  • This is my 301st blog entry in Django. Not exactly special in any sense, particularly because I've certainly written much more than that (thanks to the "Great Website Crash" a few years ago), but a further transient reminder of where I've been.