CSX has derailed explosive chemicals just south of Louisville. The title is a loaded question, I'll admit. I've made it quite known that I believe the remaining commercial train companies are bankrupt shells that need to be shut down and the rail right of ways put to better use (truly prioritizing passenger travel this time). The rails that remain in this country are ill-kept and over-utilized for that poor state of repair. CSX just dropped a bombshell upon Bullitt County and I for one believe that this sort of a thing was inevitable. Had the train been only a few miles further north I wouldn't be in school right now and there might be huge devastation in terms of body count and economic impact.

Earlier today I had reason to mourn the failed T2 effort yet again and then I discovered this news... I should write a longer editorial and submit it to the paper. I hope that CSX is found guilty of screwing up big time, even if I don't think there are enough radicals like me to use it as a banner to fight for better mass transportation. I'd much rather have these rail lines that run so close to the heart of our city carrying passengers everyday rather than highly explosive chemicals any day!