I figured it was about time that I wrapped up the 2006 series of "beerrow" art, added some explanatory text, and made it look nice. Here's the result:

Tabblo: Beerrow: Transient Art in Bottle Caps (2006)

I had gotten into the habit of collecting bottle caps because we were doing some "interior decorating" with them at the Fraternity House.  When I went to my internship in Redmond in the Summer of 6, I found that I had a hard time just tossing the caps away and started setting them on the post next to the door.  What resulted, the "beerow" was a unique work of art that I was a little proud of, so I decided to take a couple of photos before I tossed the caps at the end of my internship.  After that I decided that I wanted to keep collecting these unique touchstones in my life as both art and memory.
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