Woke up early, invigorated. Headed out the door and discovered some jackass had egged my car overnight. On the fortunate side was that I had woke up early and headed out the door... otherwise I might not have noticed until Tuesday or Wednesday. Also fortunate it was raining today, keeping it from getting too hard, other than the fact that I felt like an idiot using a car wash on a rainy day.

I park on the street (because we have 4 cars between a 2-car garage and a small driveway), and the obvious explanation is just the fact that jackasses hate that I park on the street because it does a little bit to slow down the 45+ MPH traffic flow on a supposedly 15 MPH speed limit neighborhood street, but people use it as a damn shortcut between Hurstbourne Road and Shelbyville Road... I've even seen semi-trucks do that and it's fucking ridiculous. Oh my gosh, people are parking in the street in a suburban neighborhood! People wonder why I have such a low opinion of just about everything related to the modern car... I guess someone took their holiday traffic angst out on my car.