PAX 2007 was huge and very enjoyable personally. There were quite a few highlights and major announcements that came out of PAX and are better publicized elsewhere. I spent much of the time I was there officially introducing people to Enlark and trying to network, or at least get early feedback. It was the first time it was publicly announced that Enlark's first project is in working with Pink Godzilla to bring the Pink Godzilla Dev Kit to the PC for online multiplayer action.

For the non-PAX attendees in my readership: Pink Godzilla is a unique video games emporium in Seattle's international district specializing in retro and import gaming. The Pink Godzilla Dev Kit is a uniquely themed rummy-style card game in which the player uses the Pink Godzilla mascot character (and friends) to create videogames.

The response I got from just about everyone I talked to was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. At PAX this year the Dev Kit game itself was purchasable from Pink Godzilla's rather sizable booth tucked away in the corner near a few high traffic booths. The game was playable in one of the table-top rooms that was just about dedicated to the game. Just about everyone I talked to at least noticed the game and the majority of those had actual tried their hand at it, and I didn't hear a single bad word about the game from anyone that had played it.

More to come, probably, as I continue to decompress and shake off the remaining jet lag.