From Gaping Void [1]:

Such an inescapably fitting metaphor for so many things in life the image just spoke to me. For those that don't know, this week is the Pre-Finals Shit Storm of Chaos (4 classes, 4 days, 4 tests)... I'm looking forward to getting some fun in this weekend [2].

[1]Found in following Hugh's blue monster, which is a killer poster-meme floating through Microsoft bloggers right now. The blue monster (captioned with the words "Change the World or Go Home") says quite succinctly something that is a great part of the Microsoft culture that sometimes gets forgotten or hidden in plain sight. On a semi-related note, I'm very tempted by this somewhat similar and related business/blog card.
[2]At the very least I'll definitely be at the spring game. I still haven't yet decided whether or not to hit the Waterfront-scene Saturday for Thunder... I'd like to... Hopefully someone else is interested in going and willing to help push me to go...