I really wish I didn't have to see another "Penny Stock", "This Stock is a Jumper!" or whatever spam messages again. One of the ones I've been seeing a lot of is for the fake/non-existent/who knows PetroSun Drilling. Am I the only one that thinks about Solomon Petresun when I hear this company name? If you are too lazy to read the Wikipedia article, Petresun was Earth's Emperor for several lifetimes/generations (in the Starsiege mythos) coming off as both an obsessed nutcase ex-scientist, a bringer of destruction, and a leader of relatively stable periods inbetween punctuations of extreme chaos.

(I really need to stop commenting on the spam I see, but it is so much a part of the culture that we live in that it is hard not to comment on it... Drupal had a rough time with the attack of pagerank spammers that follow, and hopefully this site will do much better.)